travel: aruba

i've been reading so much about aruba lately-
it's literally popping up everywhere!

i guess it all started back in may,
when i found a really cool article in New York magazine.

things to know about aruba:
  • 18 miles north of Venezuela
  • dry climate
  • can literally go there all year round
things to do in aruba:
  • if you want a lazy swimming day, go to the beach on the west coast
  • west coast if you want to snorkel, kitesurf, waterski, and parasail
  • east coast ("wild coast") to hunt for coves carved out of limestone
  • shop! malls and boutiques are downtown
cool facts:
  • Bon Bini festival in Oranjestad every Tuesday
  • first ever Aruba film festival was this past June
  • a lot of aloe, a LOT of cactus'!

there is so much more i have to tell you about aruba...but i am taking my time. there is so much to share!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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