ribbit but yay!

no more procrastinating today.
today i am going to continue to do it all.
i got a big whopping chunk lopped off my to do list yesterday...
go me!
yet today, a lil frog decided to take up residency in my throat.

(hello, frog.
please get out my throat.
you make me feel icky.)

today i am going to do...what i've been putting off for whatever reason.
and i will not tell anyone until it is said and done what it is.

those of you who have been following since day 1
(thank you)
pretty much know what that is.

to that, i'd like to say,
yay :)

my blogging today
may be just as crazy as ever...
but the fact that i have you guys to lean on makes me feel a little better!

on with the day!

much love,
the globetrotting gamine

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