howdy, new followers :)

i am so happy that you've decided to follow my blog. i vow to keep you entertained, and if my posts suck i *beg* you to let me know.
my name is *mg* since august 2009. it stands for mysterygamine.
the reason for my blog title, Who's That Gamine, is the fact that...
Who's That Girl seemed to be taken. It's one of my favorite movies.

i was a junior in high school when i got kicked out :)
i got my bachelor's in 3 years, and my masters in 2004.
i was a school counselor before my principal started threatening me
to leave the building, and though he got me out on a technicality
the board of education *gotta love them, right?* decided to not
give a crap about my case since NOVEMBER 2008.

all the while this was going on
i grew up...
got married to the guy i've loved since i was 13...
fought like hell to survive with him and what we were going through...
almost got killed...
traveled the world...
lived through the drama of people acting like first graders...and
fell in love with school counseling *i still keep in touch with the class of 08!*

my family members are my best friends
and my assistant, puppy, is my biggest fan
as i am his.

my childhood was picture perfect
my whole life is one big novel
so 3 years ago i started writing fictional novels
and children's books
that i'm still waiting to get published.

i love to cook, bake, read and travel.
i'm working on a thousand projects.
i heart pink sapphires, wine and cashmere.

and when asked, i will help you in any way i know how.

in the shell of a nut :)
that's me...


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment and I am, of course, following you.

    I love that film too (along with Desperately Seeking Susan) and am a big Madonna fan.

    Helen [In Elegance]

  2. what a great idea to share some personal information :) people can get to know you better

  3. Can't wait to read more of your blog. You sound like a fun person :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. thanks, guys..

    there's so much to share that i drive myself crazy...and hubby [LML] crazy...

    but eh, he deserves it :)

    hope you have a great day & thank you for stopping by <3<3



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