what will i think of next

good morning :)
i love carmen sandiego- and if you've been hanging around here a while...
you'd know that she's a big "role model" of mine...
even though she's fictional.

she runs around like a chicken without a head
to steal or manage a heist...
i run around like a chicken without a head,
to get everything done before i leave
to go somewhere else!

this year i've decided:
i'm going to clean up our food intake a little more
and follow
Alicia Silverstone's, The Kind Diet.

LML gave me the inspiration-
when i was having a bad cooking week.
i was on my cycle, OK?!


so here's the plan:

  •  3 of Alicia's recipes a week
  • a mix of my Greek Heritage's/Mediterranean "Diet" every week. They've been passed down to me by my family and LML's "should have been chefs" family
  • how we faire along the way.
it won't be so difficult. like i've said, we've changed a lot of our eating habits and lost a bucket load of weight.
over 40 lbs. in the past 3 years is pretty much a good loss, don't you think?

obviously, frequent fruit markets and greek food stores quite often.
we're willing to also expand our horizons and venture into different "supermarkets" for fun.

we're also very keen on making our own concoctions and creations, so join us for the ride!

please note: we are not vegans. we eat a lot of vegetables, which are the mainstaple to our diet. we eat meat or chicken, organic, maybe twice a week for LML and maybe once for me. i am lactose intolerant so i've been staying away from dairy products as much as possible...so far, so good! and, we're sushi addicts. we will never give up a seafood meal because we were raised on eating fish. Especially since our parents came here from Greece.

the following photos are from our meal test...
the above photo is a little blurry, so these were our ingredients:
  • extra virgin olive oil from LML's farm in Greece
  • Green Peppers
  • Mushrooms! Portobello, please.
  • zucchini sliver's
  • onions
  • garlic (make sure onions garlic and onions are carmelized before you throw in the rest)
  • oregano
  • sea salt, a pinch
  • pepper
so we threw everything after we sauteed the garlic and onions in non-stick wok.
and waited until they were the perfect consistency
and all the yumminess melded together.

then, we sauteed broccoli rabe with garlic in the extra virgin olive oil....

and that's what it looked like. yum yum...

oh yeah! in that vegetable mixture we made...
we also threw in tofu!

that is what the final product looked like. of course, i stuck my fill in two wraps, and LML just enjoyed eating it without the wrap-ness.

love at first bite.

i call it, tofu-stir fry medley (wrap optional!)

so there it is, my friends. we will be going around the world with our menu's as well as via my blog and nuttiness.

if you have any ideas, please throw them my way.

alicia, you are an inspiration!!

thanks for visiting me, everyone!
happy wednesday fun to all!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. I love Carmen San Diego too! :) Good luck with the Kind Diet!

  2. I'm not vegan either, but Nick and I have had to start eating healthier for health reasons.

    Our two most cooked:
    (1) Egg white frittata's with any veggies you want inside (we do spinach, low fat cheese and mushrooms a lot), and . . .
    (2) Turkey burgers (with the 93/7 lean meat)...sometimes we do a "mykonos" version of the turkey burger (bethenny's recipe) and mix fage 0% yogurt with lemon juice to make a fake tzatziki (bc ketchup has become a no no because of the high amount of sodium...le sigh).

    I never thought of combining portabello's with zucchini. Will do this. Thanks for idea!


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