an open mind

[christina rozeas photography 2011]
((note:: obviously, this post never posted when i told it to!! thank you for reading and understanding!!*))
how many times do you just know your mind is completely open? you know that you are the one who observes more without judging, who is consantly hearing that little voice in his/her head?

how many times do you come face to face with people who are totally close minded for some (whatever it is) reason- and you still want to kick them in the treats even though you know you are judging?

that's me.

i am completely aware that some situations are less than sunny, and that it takes a certain type of person to be a certain kind of way- but yikes, some people.

so this year i think my resolution should be to push these people completely out of my mind. i mean, let's face it- they have enough drama going on that they've only created themselves- what do they need my kick in the treats for?

it wouldn't help 'em- i can tell you that.
as for me- i cannot wait for 2012. we've already celebrated so many fun events in the past few days (only 9? cheeeee)

what do you do to keep positive? please let me know
bring it on, baby.

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