(from my 'happiness looks like...' album, shot by me!)

i know that writers' have this problem: when they're staring at something for so long or they're reading/researching so much, they stop and wonder..."firstly. FIRSTLY. Hm, is that a word??"

today, firstly doesn't sound like a word.

so, first off i want to thank my bloggie friends- for your kind emails, messages, comments. i love you. you have no idea how happy it makes me that someone reads/looks at my photos/and shares my thought bubbles. thank you times infinity.

2012 has been severely whipping me around left to right. i am so excited about the major projects and opportunities that have fallen across my "now in ruins" office...and thankful. i know that the opportunities are "wow" and that they've come into my life because of the decisions i've made so far.

2012 is my year for being super-conscious of everything going on around me.
things like...what food i put into my body, because after many hours of research what i'd been eating ten years ago really makes me sick to think i did that to myself.
...who i hang out with. let's face it, there are certain people we want to leave in the past and i am so thankful that people have stayed in my past. oh, and there's those people you just have a feeling about? do you know what i mean? like...wow, i've heard all these things about this person so why would i put myself through that?a long time ago i realized i'm past all the small minded people. my friends are so amazing and can pretty much put a smile on my face at anytime. especially my nephews.
...what i read- um, big plus. love love love what i'm reading now which i'll blog about soon ;)

granted, there are major things i need to work on that will make me even more happy, if that's possible. for the past few years, i have had my ups and downs but it's only looking like up's are happening this year.

i promise to tell you about all of these soon. in the meantime, it's back to the writing, drawing and organizing board for me...

how are you??

love love love,

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