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i have a blogging map.

blogging map: a picture description of items to blog about.

you would think that it would keep me organized- but it doesn't.

I am sitting staring at the map and it's not making sense to me. How can I write about all these things that I love, when there are nasty people out there and so many things to do?

nasty people: people that i thought i knew and was stupid enough to be friends with. for example, people who a million years later are trying to talk behind your back. 2: people that have nothing better to do than try to get to you through friends or other means.

honestly, life is going good.

despite things i have mentioned, life is incredibly good. it would be good if it was only health-wise but the truth of the matter is...life is AMAZING.

the reason i may have found myself in a writing rut is because i simply have too much to write about. my notebooks are about to have me fired due to overload, my blog drafts are overflowing alog with my to-do lists...it's absolute chaos!

happily, i have found that copy-cats of the blogging variety have been staying away from using my content (without my permission)...to that i say: THANKS for getting your own life!

also, that without the constant support of my very yummy LML, puppy, family and friends i would be a pile of goo.

they help keep me on the path of righteousness: which, for me, is writing. i thank god everyday for them and that.

i'm just happy. and i hope you are, too <3

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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