are you ever...

so tired, that no matter what you have to do you just don't want to do it?

yesterday, i thought to myself (and LML) maybe I'm depressed?

But then, I don't feel depressed- a little sad sometimes but I'm thinking that if I'm mostly giggly and laughing, then that can't be it.

It's so crazy- I was with some friends yesterday discussing nasty people- they really do seem to hold you back.

Because of crazy people, I feel as if I can't write what's actually going on in my life (and there's really, really cool stuff I'd like to talk about) because there are these nasty people are keeping a vigilant eye on what I'm doing. The feeling leaves me stifled and I wonder: do these people have any blip of a life of their own that they costantly have to spread rumors and focus on mine?

Not that I ever let anyone hold me back- except maybe myself- but come on! I'm almost 30 and these people are my age or older. Eeps.

Never thought such negative influences would be around me...though more and more I've been reading that they actually get attracted to happy go lucky people (i.e. me and various people I know)

It figures.

So in the case of blogging what you actually want to blog about, aside from starting a new one- what do I do?!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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  1. I dont call it depression, but low motivation and resistance! You might enjoy reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It has great insight for blocked artists with little exercises to do and wonderful advice. Try it! I blogged about it myself, and I'm still using it's principles.


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