yesterday, weekend. today, checklist

well, i have had quite a weekend...but i won't bore you with it :)

i hope you're having a wonderful monday, starting with a latte or tea and a good read.

this is what is on my agenda today:

  • donate unwanted objects and clothing to thrift shop or local charity.
  • designate one shelf for items you plan on regifting, and label so you don't make a boo boo!
  • split up your to-do list into do-able factors and group, group, group!
  • clean the worst room first
  • spend 10 minutes each day for a week going through paper piles. it will lessen the load considerably
  • stop buying so much stuff, you materialistic nut, you :)
  • bloggers: organize your blog topics into ONE PLACE!
i will be back later on for more tips. aside from working on my own books, stories and household chores today- i have been assigned to many more projects this week that i will not expose...yet.

all in due time, my lovelies :)

much love,

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