what i did this morning

  • double checked my to do list: figured enough items have been crossed off on it that i will create a new one for next week.
  • cooked for pup
  • ignored fixing the bed
  • took pictures of pup
  • wondered if i should post pictures of pup up...and figured a no.
  • peeled potatoes
  • boiled greens for dinner
  • made my famous garlic mashed potatoes...mmm mmmmmmm
  • found out LML was going to a farmers market- (freudian slip: instead of market i had written rocket.)
  • figured it would be cool to ghostwrite someone's book if i liked the idea
  • went through my list of agents to contact
  • walked by the unmade bed
  • tweaked ideas for the second part of 'A Coincidence Away'
  • wondered what's going on with the postal service that i haven't gotten any great mail or any mail in a couple of days. bastards.
  • refused to vaccum until later
  • wanted the rain to go away
  • sat here and wrote this.
what did you do today?

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