(me, finding inspiration in the strangest places)

there are so many exciting events underway.
i have thrown myself back into writing and organizing
with my whole heart...

and it seems as if things have fallen back into place
for me.
though i am not totally thrilled as to the complete reason
why i had to do this for my sanity...
maybe that was the push i needed
to regain me. myself and i.

so thank you, to those of you out there,
who have opened some of those doors :)

in the meantime, on the agenda for the rest of the day
is organizing more writing thoughts and ideas...
(oh, and thank you, LML, for helping me print things)

on the menu tonight are veggie burritos (for me)
and meat and veggie burritos (for him)

i am sprucing up some things, and i can't wait to share with you all-
but as is my nature: i will not share unless i have concrete evidence
of fun things.

i am finally back to enjoying life.
gee, thanks for showing up, springtime!!

so, if you have any questions, inquiries, or hey-
you just need me to ghostwrite something?

i am more than happy
to answer, advise and get paid
for my writing and organizational services!

big smiles
lotsa hugs

the globetrotting gamine

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