journey: 2011

not enough time!

welcome to 2011- i believe it's going to be everyone's best year yet.
our 2010 was so awesome that we know this year we're going to try our damndest to keep it that way.

i have come to a conclusion on what i will be sharing with you guys on my blog this year. aside from travel/personal stories, i've come up with a concoction that should keep you interested.

lists, everywhere.
below is my 2010 have read list:

  1. -Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. -Lulu in Marrakech by Diane Johnson
  3. -The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton
  4. -Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern
  5. -The Gift by Cecelia Ahern
  6. -Eclipe by Stephenie Meyer
  7. -Deadly Night by Heather Graham
  8. -Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
  9. -Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
  10. -Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
  11. -Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella
  12. -Ghost Night by Heather Graham
  13. -The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
  14. -Haunted Heartland by Beth Scott and Michael Norman
  15. -Jane-Emily by Patricia Clapp
  16. -Witches' Children by Patricial Clapp
  17. -The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  18. -Cleaving by Julie Powell
my 2011 journey resolutions? they consist of:

  • read 30 books or more
  • yoga every day
  • write more
and things i cannot share with you yet- too many ideas will drive you as crazy as i am!

what are your resolutions?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. Yay for Yoga! I created a morning yoga routine for the year too! :)

  2. I'm a new follower from More Love Monday (#97--so close to 100!). I would love it if you'd follow me back!



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