you oughta know

welcome to 2011, once again!
welcome to my blog- thank you for following!

here's the run down:
i am a too-energetic, too-passionate about most everything
in love with life.

i love:
 my family and friends
food- cooking it and eating!
all things travel,
crafts and scrapbooking.

oh yeah...and organization...

i am pretty sure you get the picture.

i am 100% Greek
married to the guy i've loved since i was 13
and we live our life to the fullest

my mom wanted me to be a concert pianist
i'm almost a black belt in tae kwon do
i absolutely love my puppy
and no one would allow me to become a cop

because they didn't trust me with a gun.

i love sushi
my friends are freakin' amazing
travel is in my blood, bigtime
and i enjoy reading
and sleep.

these are just some of the things i'll touch on this year...
and it all begins

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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