preparing for springtime, part one

(that's my new facetime friend...i. love. her.)

my activities have been limited due to chemotherapy- and the weather outside my new york residence window is less than exciting. i've been homebound for most of this...time. you can check out small updates on my instagram (@globetrottinggamine)

cleaned and organized::

  • kitchen drawers, all
  • kitchen cabinets, all but one
  • bathroom cabinet and drawers, all
  • top junk drawer of living room chest
  • under the bed storage
  • guest room/walk in closet- closet.
  • bedroom closet
  • bedroom linen closet
  • two drawers of "stuff" in the bedroom bureau's

  • "stationery station" using old, unused hatbox (I didn't know how many cards, paper, postcards, stickers, memo pads, post its, and notebook i'd acquired until this past Monday...)
  • "holiday wrapping station" using under the bed storage box that was empty (I didn't realize how lacking I was in this department, so I'm working on it gradually.)
  • household binder- if you'd like to see it, please message me! i made it personal to what i ponder on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • holiday binder- for that holiday info
  • memories binder- for cards, pictures drawn by my lovely niece and nephews, letters and notes from darling friends, etc.
  • book-ideas binder- because it's necessary...if you've pittered around my blog these last few years, you'd know how crazy my ideas are.
  • 2 manuscript binders
  • medical binder- for "the hodgkins" that's almost gone from my bod
  • interior design binder
  • and another memory binder
left to do::
  • complete all lists for household binder
  • to-do list
  • one kitchen cabinet
  • four small bureau drawers
  • all the large bureau drawers
  • weed out closet in april
  • clean out basement
  • clean out office (which is some of what's above)
  • outfit planner
  • schedule plans// events to plan
  • schedule book signings
  • complete power point presentation
  • craft/supplies area in office
  • odds and ends for laundry room
  • set up ebay shop
  • 2 home organizations scheduled for springtime
  • register for courses
  • scrapbooks
  • loose photos into albums
i literally wore myself out. lol

what projects do you have going on this winter?!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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