more ch-ch-ch-changes

(this was taken 1.13.13- about a month after we shaved it all off. now, i have renegade hairspikes and it's growing in slooooowly. gosh darned chemo.)

cancer sucks ass. isn't life crazy? it seems that when it has just about kicked you into oblivion, it turns around and opens your eyes to more opportunities, and eye openers like never before.

dear universe, i've been listening. i know i should have spent more time out of the house and out of the gym. i'm excited about my upcoming 2nd chance at life and ready to totally do things differently- again. i've also learned, or re-learned, that one is ever-evolving and ever-learning and that love is the only thing that makes the world go round. i've learned, despite what's happened, that i love my body and must do whatever i have to do to protect it. the family and friends who constantly check up on me- i've always known that they were the real 'thang' and still so, so thankful to have such thoughtful, happy and beautiful people in my life.

things i'm so excited to do:

  • more time with family (incl. LML, nieces, nephews, parentals, sisters, etc.)
  • movies, especially beautiful creatures, despicable me 2, and watching breaking dawn 2 with my daddy!
  • get a manicure and pedicure- finallyyyy (with nail polish from whole foods i'm kinda excited about)
  • going back to work (i.e. books, magazine...)
  • vacation, all i ever wanted...
  • to do lists of things to do--issues, yes, I gots 'em!

with the upcoming blizzard, i've visited some stores and the library in preparation. we are almost good to go. movies, candles, food, books- check.
with chemo coming up this week, i know i'll be getting in a lot of sleep so i know i'll dream up more opportunities and projects to keep myself busy.

hope no one gets hit hard with the nasty weather, and stay warm, happy and toasty!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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