Chemo-Winter Activities

Well, chemo last week almost killed me since they administered the bleo-the most toxic to the lungs- when I already had only 75% of my lungs working. I hallucinated, vomited, passed out- not in that order- and it was not fun nor pretty. My poor hubby...

Now, I have a pleural rub- which means my lungs are so inflammed that they rumble when I breathe and are KILLING ME to take a breath.

With the temperature being what it is in New York- about a 10 degree average- I'm under house arrest. This is what I've been doing---

  • organizing the kitchen
  • re-organizing the closets
  • getting rid of clutter and things we don't use
  • creating storage under the beds
  • playing with recipes for the crock pot
  • catching up on my correspondence (i loved being a pen pal when I was little, an addiction that has never truly gone away...)
  • cleaning out the clothing drawers...
  • gathering ideas for menus
  • gathering ideas for travel and other activities I get to do when chemo is over (my new rule, that i'm VERY excited about- is at least ONE NEW THING EVERYDAY to do, be, or have, or make...)
  • making appointments for my book discussions and thinking up/working on more book ideas
  • watching my hair grow in like a chia pet...

At this rate- chemo will be completely over April 22nd, unless my 3rd pet scan (sometime in March) comes up COMPLETELY clear- which is what i am praying and hoping for...

the good news--- my 2nd pet scan showed that 70% of the disease/masses/whatever my body had is gone!!


I'm still freaked out that this happened to me and that it happens to people. There should be a non-evasive cure for all cancers. I know it's out there.

In the meantime, I'm also excited about my hair growing in- and about the pixie cut I shall have! I was never ballsy enough to do it myself, but now...well, it's on it's way.

So keep toasty, send me light and love, and have fun out there for me...

love love love to y'all...


  1. To my beautiful brave friend who always has a smile everytime i see her. if this just doesnt SCREAM inspiration to the world i dont know what does. Your spirit is sooo Extraordinarily bright and special that is why you mean so much to me and everyone around you. Thank YOU for posting all that you have been going thorugh so that others can find comfort and NOT be afraid. You are fearless and in the sense of the word " A FIGHTER". Can not wait to celebrate with you. <3 keep the blogs coming. -Love and many blessings BTW: you have finally inspied me to start my Blog. :)


heart to hearts...