more than i can chew?

hello, friends.
pup here...
keeping you company
while Mommy is singing and happily working on her lists.
see, a lot has been going on-- people coming by, likely to see me.
so, i'm happy, too.

i've heard and travelled with Mommy
with colleagues and to meetings and appointments- 
i have to say, she's a busy bee.

so i KNOW this constant hustle and bustle
lead her and my Daddy to all sorts of conversations--
and they are excited!

yeah, about me. it has to be about me.
then again, i always bite off more than i can chew. 

i think mommy is happy with me and
also, with more books in the works? 
new plans? 
about me or for ME?

my parents are so cool.

is there anything new
in your world?
how are you?

did you bring me a cookie?


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