life is...

me and my best friend in '09

freaking awesome.
i'm sorry that i have been so vague- there has been so much activity going on in my neck of the woods that it's CRAZY!

i have been clocking in office hours trying to hit my deadlines- and most times, not even that feels like work. when i'm not in my office, i am re-planning it's layout, constantly working on these projects, and catching up with friends and loved ones.

i am truly, truly blessed and could not ask for anything more.

happy news:

  • having beer at a brewery is the funnest thing ever!
  • seeing friends over coffee, lunch, brunch, dinner or whatever it may be is flippin' awesome.
  • i have so many books to catch up on after i am done with said projects, that I cannot wait to post my reviews.
  • my projects are...

wait for it...

almost complete!! woooooooo!!

i have to get planning this huge things going on for 2012. i am seriously considering opening a p.r. agency at this point :))

hope y'all have a happy monday! and thank you for your kind words through e-mails and facebook :) 

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