copycats vs. flattery

(taken from google images who took it from etsy.com. i don't own this.)

you've heard the saying:
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

well, that saying really bothers me.
probably because growing up,
my parents gave me every opportunity
to surround myself with art, culture, diversity
and love...

so i always wanted to be different,
and i was different...
and when everyone in high school was trying to copy each other...
i was still trying to be different.

maybe it was the rebellious side of me, maybe it was just blood...
but ugh, i wanted to be different.
and i was lucky enough to find amazing friends
who loved me for me!

because of this, i hated competition even though i knew most thrived on it.
me, i thrived on to-do lists from the moment i could write.
(my mama thought i was a reincarnated genius- or just a genius)

which leads me to my point-
you like what someone is wearing, writing, reading, doing
and you're friends with them and even if you're not
you wish them all the best,
because you like what they bought to your life.

and then you're hurt because sensitive, trusting you
gets duped by their nasty, though counterproductive to themselves only, nature.
they don't wish you the best.
they don't even wish themselves the best-
they think they're PERFECT and you're crazy
and then they copy you.

30 year old me says-
so be it.
y'all who do this are going to be crazy
with or without knowing me
so please don't know me.

make it your best effort to not know me.

i am honestly flattered,
that people out there
still succumb to copying (almost to the T)
leaders in their field/convictions/community, etc.
and people who are original in everything they do--

it shows who is weak.

it's the way of the world.

go about your merry days--
and copy, imitate away!!

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