well, hello there friends!

how are you? i hope everything is great in your world!
I am GG's assistant, pup. A lot of you guys know me by name- but that's not important.
what's in a name really?- anyway...

i figured i would wake up and stop by to say hello
since my Mama is working on this huge, huge
 writing and photography project
and has been on the phone booking appointments
with VIPs
for the last two days.

i'm sure she needs lots of help and support,
and even though i don't have thumbs, i inspire her
as much as i can.

so please leave a comment
or a note
for me or my mama!
and we will get back to you as fast as we humanly can
since we may be on a tiny hiatus...

sending out lots of love
and cookies to my pup friends--
Vasi the Pup

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