adoption from pup's point of view

pup here.
how is your weekend going?

i just wanted to share a little story with you.

7 years ago i was born.
and 8 months after that
i was adopted by this really tall guy
who fell right in love with me.

he took me away with all of my stuff
and on a long journey from where i used to live
we pulled up to what he said was my new home.

i was so scared
that he was going to leave me
somewhere i didn't want to be
because the truth is...
i liked him.

so he walked me into this house,
knocked on a door and ordered someone to hide...
and then he set me down on the floor.

doing a quick check-- the house smelled good...
it was decorated for autumn
and even though it was very clean
you could tell that a lot of people were always there

then this new guy yells to no one, to open the door
and i saw this frazzled looking girl
who was suddenly so happy to see me!!

was this my new home?
were these my new people??
so i ran and ran and ran
for what felt like forever

until i took a running leap into the girls arms
and licked her ferociously
so that i could show her i wanted to stay....

and i wanted to make sure
that the guy who smelled good
knew i liked him, too,
so i ran to him and gave him some licks.

and then the most wonderful things happened.
they scooped me up into both of their arms
and gave me hugs...

and shut the door.

they told me i was home.

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