ain't life grand?

I'm sitting at home in the semi-dark.
My puppy is woofing from the couch and 'friends' is playing in  the background and it just occured to me:

i am incredibly lucky and i have been my whole life. was it because i was happy despite getting bullied and crazy people?

totally happy childhood- friends, parties, activities, vacations...people who cared in general. the most picture-esque neighborhood in the world is where i was raised and i thank my lucky stars everyday.

lately i've been feeling like a lot of divine intervention has been going on around me that i am not *completely* aware of, but i have some sort of idea-- cold feet when the house is hot...smelling flowers when there aren't any in my house...the tv having its panic attacks and turning on and off...
anyone else go through this?

anyway-- this year has barely begun and the amount of gifts that have appeared before me are crazy (in a good way!)


so now i burden you with the fact for the gazillionth time this hour/day/month/year so far i say thank you to the universe for the love and protection it has given me- and i am so happy :)

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