love and celebrations

there has been quite a lot of celebrating
going on in these here parts.
it always seems that autumn into winter
brings a lot of events, birthdays and anniversaries
back around into our lives
and i am always stopping to reflect
those who have been here before us
and who are still protecting us from above.

it seems as if every celebration we have,
even if it's the littlest moment
like baking cookies together
or giving our puppy a squeeze,
our gratitude towards the universe
brings us even more gifts.

i am so thankful for my life-
shelter, water, food,
a husband who is without a doubt my soulmate
and knows me better than i know myself;
a family, who in the words of 'lilo and stitch'
is still good,
and friends that i couldn't even have dreamed about 2+ years ago
who i am convinced made their way in
when the negativity was thrown out the window.

there is so much to be thankful for in everyday
that i hope you look for the good in even the smallest moments-
because it turns out that
those are the ones that matter.

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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