at this point...

i obviously don't have the most conventional of jobs. or, conventional life. see above photo for an example.
isn't life funny? you plan and plan and think it's going to turn out a certain way because you were so sure you were doing things right.

well, life doesn't always turn out the way we plan- and sometimes it turns out better, albeit the stress.
if you sit quietly and reflect for a little while, you begin to notice the whispers and the nudges in certain directions- it's like a guiding hand from the great beyond.

you begin to notice that when you ask for things, you receive them.
you notice that and wonder how odd that the universe chose now to give you answers.

me, lately? it's going to sound crazed, but so much has been going on that i definitely have been sensing a presence in my house, all around me, all the time. It could be warm inside and outside and my house will be as cold as ice, there's noises coming from the kitchen, the tv turns on and off- everything more than usual.

sometimes, there's a light smell in a certain area of the house like flowers or a sweet perfume and other times my puppy likes to stare at nothing at all.

i like to think that it's my Grandma watching over me, trying to take my mind off the stress and cobwebs in my head.

does this ever happen to anyone? you can say that i am totally alone here, i don't mind :) but i'd really like to know your similar stories {{hug}}

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  1. life takes a turn and is completeley unexpected yet beautiful at the same time. I think that's what makes it so interesting.

    You are totally not alone here, when my grandmother passed away in summer of 98" i never got to say goodbye to her. Although it wasn't not expected, it all kind of happened so fast. I remember being in my room "alone" in my house and it was just a hot july morning and there was this breeze ( did i already mention how very hot ann humid it was that day? :) ALL of a sudden it felt like someone was in my room. I smet my grandmothers's perfume, a sent i have yet to place or smell on anyone else ever again ( violets) and then just as though it were passing though it was gone. I really do believe that we have angels looking out for all of us. Some we know, or may have known that are no longer with us and they sort of guide us in life and stop in every now and then. consider yourself lucky my friend <3 Jen


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