Enhance Your Life via Kimora Lee Simmons

One of my favorite indulgences is going to the public library.
  • I can pick up as many books as I want and not spend a fortune.
  • I don't feel bad if I don't read one of the books I have picked up
  • Every writer needs to read A LOT= library
  • um, summer heat and air-conditioned library. Enough said.
so i picked up Kimora Lee Simmons' book Fabulosity because, let's face it- the woman's made it. She's freaking awesome! And her life lessons: inspirational.

What intrigued me about this book the most was this part...

The Fabulosity "tough-soft woman-warrior"way
  1. If you have one good friend in life, you're lucky. You don't have to have ten and don't tell everyone your business. Women can't always be trusted. They will screw you over, take your stuff, and go behind your back. You hear it all the time from women, how their friends or even their sisters betrayed them! I have a few friends that I've known forever, a couple from high school and from early modeling years, and that's about it.
  2. Cut off dead boughs. Saw off old friendships and ties that hold you back. Such as people who think you've gotten too big for your boots, have sold out, or that you're snobby for moving to a new neighborhood. If they're not going to celebrate your success and push you higher with their applause, ditch 'em. You don't need bad energy bringing you down!
  3. Walk toward your fears. Just like that girl in the junior high cafeteria, sometimes you have to turn and face the thing you're frightened of. I was scared to get on a plane and go halfway around the world with my kids recently, even though I used to travel nonstop. I had gotten out of the practice and was anxious about all that could go wrong. (same thing with cartwheels: used to be great at 'em, but now too scared to try even one!) It's crazy. So I made myself get on the plane and go without thinking about it, because to let silly fears hold me back would have been weak.
  4. Put out positivity. I definitely practice the discipline of being positive. To everyone who walks in the office. I give a hug or say something like, "You look great today!" It's  a preventative measure to kind of fill the air with good vibes, like creating a positive force field and putting out what you want to get back. Because God knows somewhere somebody is saying something negative about you, and that affects you even if you don't hear or see it.
  5. Hold your tongue. The mean words you say will hurt everyone and the effect of putting out negativity does take a toll on you. Just stop it! Bite your own tongue and be one less negative energy in the universe. If you don't have something good to say, try to shut up. And if you don't have a genuine smile to give, fake one.
It turns out that the past couple of years have been huge years in my life. I'd done what I'd never thought I would do- like believe in myself enough to self-publish, to travel to places I never thought I'd go to (though I'd always wanted to go), and say good-bye to people who's life goal was to make other people miserable by trying to administer control over them somehow.

The truth of the matter is, the only person who controls your life is you. Moreover, the only person RESPONSIBLE for YOUR life is YOU.

Not your mother, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends...you!

When you don't own up to anything, and you don't claim responsibility for your own actions you really have no room to grow. I am so happy that I learned the lessons these last few years have taught me- I wouldn't be where I am right now.

Loving my life and pushing to live it and make it better.

So what if you have to cut out the negative energies in your life? If you would rather be nasty and icky vibe-d, that's fine.

But no one deserves abuse. And everyone deserves happiness.

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