essence of time

lately i've been feeling as if there aren't enough hours in the day...not enough to blog, and write my articles and work on my stories. does anyone else feel this way?

so today, i vowed to myself to get an ample amount of work done- but it works out that my to-do list again has grown legs and begun running.

so let's start with today and take it one step at a time. this past month has been another happy whirlwind- time goes so fast! the summertime versions of LML like to take a lot of time talking and planning, and it usually happens at the vineyards...

ah- and a lot of the laughing and planning brings good friends, too! such as cocoa puff, pictured above.

life goal:
to one day own a vineyard
to learn the ropes of the vineyard and learn how to make vino!

moving on, there are so many things in the works for me that at best, it feels like a lot of things are on the backburner.

so, as part of my 'had-been-neglected' monthly lists a la Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project...

  • finish the 2nd book to A Coincidence Away (which is still being sold on lulu.com for now!)
  • finish reading the 100 books i have taken out from the library
  • organize my paperwork more efficiently
  • work diligently on my blog(s)
  • dust off my fancy camera in the closet
  • work on my new and fancy recipes- and POST
  • talk more about my travels via blog
  • send out submissions
  • send out queries
  • work, work, work on my sad little office and make it writer friendly
if you have any questions, comments, answers (YAY!)
please comment or e-mail me.

you guys are awesome and give me strength

the globetrotting gamine

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  1. Hi there lovely lady, thanbks for making me feel sane, this is exactly how I feel, I juggle a part time job with 2 teenagers and my passion to be fashion writer. Your list is very inspiring. Please could I ask a big favour of you as a fellow writer? Please could you read a few posts from my blog and let me have some honest feedback on my style/voice, I would be very grateful.My email should you be able to add me to your to do list! Is sharonstyle@fsmail.net


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