quite honestly...

quite honestly, i have found that i don't care too much for winter, for being tired, or for being up for half the night.

i don't care for the amount of time we have to get stuck in one place-it's the gypsy in me, and she seems to be getting incredibly restless. when this happens, things tend to go awry. with me, that is.

i am staring at a stack of old postcards with the itch to get away. thankfully, allllll the negative influences in my life took a hike a long time ago and I am happy. I know I am truly blessed but I feel...yuck.

...like nothing will get done and there is no time.
...like the weather will never stop being disgusting...
...like spring/summer/ SUN is never going to be here.
...like my to-do list may as well sprout legs and kick me in the tushy

hopefully this weekend will improve my mood- i am having a glass of red wine with chicken and potatoes tonight.

what are you having?

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