enhance your life: it is amazing

it is amazing where life takes you...
you can't ever make plans.

you have to fly by the seat of your pants, really.
yes, there are routines. there are schedules, and even control freaks.
but how much can you really control?

as much as any person has free will, and the right to choose what they want for themselves, the world is always subject to change.

and it always will.

people, land, nature, trees, LIFE will always change.

thus change being my theme for the year.

amongst the many life changes i have gone through and still am going through, i know who i am.
i know i am strong, i know i am persistent.
i know who i am.

not many people like that, and that's fine. i'm not looking for approval.
i am my strongest motivation, i am my own worst or best critic.

that's one of my latest realizations that i am thankful i have had this past year.

i have applied myself and succeeded in the past; just as i will in the future.
i will survive struggles and challenges thrown at me and be the better for it.
and i'll have fun doing it. i'll have fun living my life.

because it's my own, after all.
and it's good :)

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