great googly moogly

i am so sorry i've been MIA. i haven't forgotten any of you guys <3
life has been a little crazy this past month...and you know the feeling where it is about to get crazier?
i have that. i'm qute sure that 2011 is going to be a whirlwind from here on out.

there have been so many secret projects/ideas floating around my head...
and so many fun things to share...aside from my usual craziness of cooking, organizing, scrapbooking and most recently, publishing my books and knitting.

me and the girls were discussing it: we want to do EVERYTHING-- but there is not 72 hours in one day, as we'd like there to be. well, as we NEED there to be.

there are to-do lists everywhere and they seem to grow legs and follow me around. i have given up trying to keep up with them and have taken great pleasure in at least marking items off of them- whichever ones they are.

i have been trying to stick to my 'kind diet' diet...and i do as much as i can but i've found that being raised in my family- it's kind of hard. seems as if when i'm home i am more pone to being vegan/vegetarian than i would be if i was still living with my family. of course, when my blood sugar drops- watch out!

imagine my happiness when i discovered an article about Alicia Silverstone in Redbook magazine! yay yay!

she's just amazing---and she's expecting. yay!
 of course, she talks about some of my fave food- bok choy, kale and collards. yum in the tum.

i have not done my monthly lists, (sorry) but am in the works of my may list...maybe it'll be more of  a seasonal thing. i like that idea best.

hopefully, the weather will get warmer and we can (egads!) start being a wee bit more productive.

in the meantime:

writing more books/stories, ideas, lists...

here i am!

spending time with pup and family...


and generally just getting things done.

what have y'all been up to?

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  1. That's crochet, silly girl! Knitting is with two sticks! Love you!


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