when we went to pennsylvania...

it's no secret that i was not allowed to go anywhere alone with LML before we were engaged.
sad, huh? thought part of me is bitter about it, the other part is understanding.
after all, we did get married when i'd just turned 23.

so when we could get away, it was with family. one year, when my niece (the mini globetrotter) was in the 8th grade, they were going to PA as their "senior trip".
i booked a trip nearby for LML and I, and my sister.

so, so funny.
one of the first things i remember doing was going to see the liberty bell:

And we waited on a long line just to take that picture. grr.
then, we stood outside independence hall to take pictures. why we didn't go in, i really don't know. i am kind of kicking myself now. isn't that annoying? am i the only one who does weird crap like this?

that's me and my sister in front of independence hall. maybe it was closed for renovation? lol. i have no idea.

for dinner, i know we hit up red lobster and drank the lobster-rita that you can bathe in...it was uber yummy. fuddruckers was our lunch choice the following day (we were no-holds barred with food back then. very unlike how we are now, many years later!)

ah...we did visit the amish, the outlets, and valley forge!

we spent most of the day walking/driving around valley forge. it was really cool to be there.

then, we got lost in the dark while driving. and we had an altercation with a horse. a lone horse in the middle of nowhere:
that's my sister laughing at the horse after he retreated to the background.
after he stuck his nose on the window.
after i got nauseous from the ripe smell of the road.
oh, 'twas amusing.

then we hit up indian echo caverns. we try to visit as many as we can, wherever we are. we might have hung around this one the longest. it was beautiful!

but my sister wanted to touch the glaciers. it was against the law. we didn't let her.
because we all know if you poke an icicle, you damage something or they just won't grow. sigh.

all in all, three days in PA and we did a lot.
i would say 5 days and we would have travelled the entire state.
i love PA and would go back in heartbeat- to hit up amish country first <3

what places in neighboring states/countries would you want to hit up first?!

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