my rants.

there is so much going on in my tiny little world (let alone the rest of the world)
that i find it hard to begin and get out everything that's been going on and everything i've been feeling.

i am resorting back to lists to give you guys a glimpse into what's been going on:
  1. this weather. really, New Yorkers and all in the Tri-State area...wtf? Hot, cold, humid, cold. Warm, cold. Stop getting me sick!
  2. doctors. can you figure out how to talk to a patient yourself while not scaring her? thanks.
  3. rehabilitation centers- you're supposed to CHECK on your patients and make sure that they don't roll out of bed, you assholes. how can someone who hasn't walked or sat up for a whole year decide that three days ago would be the day that she'd roll out of bed. we know it was your, you *^*&^%^&%'s.
  4. drivers (grrrrr and grrrrr)- why are you trying to kill me by cutting me off with your car? did i do something to you? did me going straight and following traffic laws piss you off? did you believe that i had a deathwish? you're lucky i didn't play bumper cars with you, you dumb &%*k's.
  5. children/students: when you leave your school building and you're walking God Only Knows Where, why do you feel above everyone else who is in an AUTOMOBILE while you are not looking when you cross the street? Why are you frolicking while not looking or hearing the oncoming traffic?? Did it bother you when I honked my horn and scared the piss out of you in front of your stupid little friends? Curse at me again and I swear to God I will get out of the car and kick the snot out of you. You're lucky I had my dog in the car and that he's little. Your parents must be so proud and I am so happy I know where you go to school.
  6. hospitals- why do you make people wait in drafty hallways when there are quite obviously empty beds and warm empty rooms that the patient will be pulled into directly? i have so many rants about you, hospitals, that I think I can write a book about it.
  7. time warner cable- stop dicking me around with these bills and no clean-cut explanations, you animals.

i am sorry i had to rant and rave so much, but this is going on in the world of me.

i hope you lovely readers are having a much better, happy healthy week <3

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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  1. Are we living the same life? Except for #s 2, 3, and 7. The same stuff has been going on! <3


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