stop the madness

stop the madness.

since last week, it's been non-stop.
LML sick. Me, sad but relieved i have swollen lymphnodes and not cancer.

looking forward to my ear nose throat doctor visit today.

paying bills- running errands- passing out exhausted by 10pm every night.

feeling like no one other than LML knows what we go through.

Monday morning, find out that my Grandmother fell out of bed at the Rehabilitation Center in Queens. Rush Grandma to hospital, will go there to attempt to acquire surveillance tape today, before i pick up my nephews from school.

Scared because pup had a big bump on his back, yet relieved because it burst on its own (gross, i know)...and he seemed never to be bothered by it.

now, off to doc, ready for this crazy day.

more soon from me.

love to you
love me,
the globetrotting gamine <3

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