thank god for good friends

this was us a couple of weeks ago-
i still have swollen lymphnodes.
my grandma is still in the hospital and should be going back to the rehabilitation center today.

in these past few months, having solidified who my real friends are
and always were has been the only constant.

friday was a day from hell:
no good tidings from the hospital about my grandmother...
running to pick up one nephew...
then the other...
food shopping...

i thought that i wouldn't be up for hanging out with the girls
because of the exhaustion.
i am so so so so glad i did hang out with them- we had so much fun.
wine and our hostess' picnic-style buffet (did i spell that right?)

i quite obviously didn't take pictures-
we had way too much fun
and i can't wait to do it again...

so thank you to my friends
(and family)
for a wonderful night
(and all the other times, too <3 )

and thank you to LML
and puppy
for a wonderful weekend
despite me still popping antibiotics...

you make happy
the sometimes crazy me

to all my bloggie loves,
for your reassuring e-mails and comments
and little notes...

wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you...

you make me dream big...


love me,
the globetrotting gamine

(my menu's and misc. coming up soon)

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