coupon kick: savings

Stuff we've saved on for the last two weeks:

(gotta love birthday coupons)

  • restaurant birthday coupon : $17.95
  • free mac lipstick (recycled!):$14.50
  • BJ's (what started it all):       $ 6.00
  • Walgreens (unplanned):       $ 3.00
  • restaurant birthday coupon: $30.00
  • bed bath and beyond:         $13.99
  • waldbaum's (my fave!):       $14.57

i am stoked:
  1. we celebrated LML's birthday (again) out,
  2.  i recycled 6 MAC containers for the free lipstick from Macy*s,
  3. $6 last minute coupons at BJ's,
  4. $3 off at walgreen for advil congestion medicine,
  5. $30 restaurant club coupon, yay!,
  6. we bought a treat that we had installed this weekend..i will show it in my next post...
  7.  and waldbaums? i used 9 coupons and it was double coupon day. my bill was supposed to be 26.96 and i got it down to 12.23. Freaking AWESOME!
i'm just very happy about my little savings venture.

this is not including various gift certificates for events and LML's birthday which would make this post very long.

awe. some.

have you done anything like this recently?

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