last week

last week was not a good week.
thus the MIA-ness.

my Grandma passed away.
I've been hysterical, but know that she's not suffering now.
The cancer had spread, and she was barely 90 lbs.
I know that she didn't want any food or medicine at the end-
because I was there.

I feel as if she meant- enough is enough...
I'm going to your Grandfather. He's late- where has he been?

So during the funeral last Friday, LML receives a phone call
that his favorite Aunt passed on as well...

Two souls that were making their way up to heaven to be with their loved ones.
And the ones left behind are hurt...but didn't want them to suffer anymore.

The crisis in Japan also sent us reeling and our immune systems have since shut down...
so we spent the day in today, sleeping until 12 pm for the first time since we were about 16.

that being said, i don't know when i'll be back to my regular self.
but thanks for being there for me <3

the globetrotting gamine

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  1. Take your time to feel better honey. I can only promise it gets a little easier to bear. Xoxo


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