Weekday Snow Menu's

I love experimenting with different kinds of recipes and foods.
I am lucky to have such a loving husband that will try things that aren't even his taste bud's delights!
last week, when i was home and sickly, I decided to juice.
I also decided to juice because I have a mountainous supply of carrots and apples in my refrigerator!
into the blender they went...
with some ginger powder, because I didn't have the good, real stuff on hand.
Now, I don't have the Jack LaLane (God Rest His Soul) power juicer,
which I reaaaaallllly want!! So I was pureeing for a really long time.
I also added a hit of blueberries and spirulina powder to boost my immune system-
oh! and echinacea powder...

as usual, i don't have an after picturebecause it was so tasty i drank it :)

my bestie introduced me a while ago to the miracles of juicing, and since
i have all this wonderful time on my hands, well, i research if i'm not writing
or illustrating. always busy.

love love love juicing <3
you should def try!

Now dinner a few times a week is what my LML prefers to eat.
It works that we enjoy a lot of the same dishes,
and he's really supportive of my mission with 'the kind diet' by alicia silverstone.
this was a recipe inspired by the kind diet, though i agree that i could have purchased things local
but during blizzards in new york it's not always possible.

in to the wok went the organic spinach and tofu, sliced garlic and onions, yellow peppers, herbs and spices
until they married together in sweet harmony...

and then i threw them in a wrap...

and then i threw the wrapped wrap back into the walk until it was golden brown.
so so yummy.

note: LML likes his tofu golden brown and toasty <3

my next culinary adventure was another mission
to get rid of the apples in my refrigerator.

so i found a recipe for vegan pumpkin apple soup...
it was uber-simple...
diced onions and garlic
herbs and spices to taste,
sliced apples...
and wait until they all marry and are ooey-gooey...

then throw them in the blender as pictured below...

that's what it looks like when you're done pureeing it. you can also blend it with coconut milk
or almond milk...

when you transfer it back to your pot, add vegetable broth,
and your fresh or canned pumpkin puree...
and simmer until warm and yummy
and garnish.

i garnished mine with lots of cayenne pepper,
a sprinkle of fresh parmesan
and cranberries.

yum yum.
end result:


i am looking forward to experimenting some more for poor LML, so if you have any fun ideas, send them my way and i'll add them to my list <3

i should really start video-ing his reactions. lol!!

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