i find myself in awe of the world around me-
the sights,
the places,
the people,
the food.

it's probably my parents fault for throwing books at me at 4 years old...
to read, not in an abusive manner!
(i really have to work on my wording <3)

the way people act, the habitats they live in,
the friends they make and keep.

everything is always changing,
and nothing is changing.

it's crazy when you sit down and try to think about it.
it's always, "if it's not one thing, it's another"

no matter where you live or even travel,
one will never scratch the surface of the world.

it's awesome.
in a way i feel it mirrors people-
scrape as you might, you will never discover what an indivual is all about..
there's so much inside of each and everyone of us
that one lifetime is hardly enough.

there are the people who wear their hearts on their sleeves,
the straight-shooters,
and so many other kinds of people.

LML and I have known each other 17+ years
and there's still so much to tell each other
so much to learn...so much to do!

i'm eternally grateful i married my best friend.
who better to brave the world with?!


so much to learn, in so little time
does anyone else feel this way?

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