Visions of Kalamata, Greece

I had a friend once who told me, "There's nothing in Kalamata but olive trees!"
I asked her if she got off the cruise ship she'd been on and she told me no.

How are you to know what is ANYWHERE unless you explore?

I didn't know then that I was going to marry someone from Kalamata. (well, i KIND OF did, because I'd been crushing on LML since I was 13 and i just *knew*)...so for our "honeymoon" we went to Greece again but for the first time together.

I fell in love with Kalamata.
It's part city, part country and part awesome beach vacation.

Not that we were able to go swimming the December we went.

see, that's the town square. during tourist season, it's filled with little tables and chairs in front of the coffeehouses, all the shops are open and people are just spilling around on the way to some appointment or the other. It's a hop, skip and a jump from the country OR beach. Love it.

That's me in front of the train station. Though I haven't been on it, I've heard it takes you to Olympia...where I also haven't been yet, though LML has.
I can't wait to go!

Welcome to the beach/boardwalk/marina area. The beaches are awesome.
These pictures really make me want to whip out that camera again.

Anyone want to teach me how to use a darkroom?!

LML's Grandfather's old bicycle on the rooftop.

Though I don't tell LML all the time, I can't wait to go back
but at the same time
there's so much world to see!

is there anywhere in the world that is the most special to you?
i'd love to hear your stories <3

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