today's agenda

(it was warmer in Montreal!)

i am planning a fun filled day for me- yet again!- who is mostly iced into a now-igloo.
i can honestly say, that looking outside, i have never seen plants actually encased in ice. it's beautiful, but dangerous. my whole family went slip sliding between yesterday and today, and i KNOW if and when i go out there, i am going to hurt myself.

not looking forward to it.

so i have things to do today to keep busy:

it will be my first time making pumpkin/apple soup.
i have already begun working on the illustrations for my children's book...
and i am pen-pal-ing again...

so if you want to receive a friendly note, let me know.

i am off to work on my craft!

what are you up to today? i hope in any event you stay and remain happy, toasty and warm!

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