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hi and welcome bloggie friends:

i apologize that my thoughts are all over the place. it's the first of the month, after all. i have to get my mind in order for what is to come! i always try to bring you original blogs- i am an extremely organized person but i don't want my blog/ blog articles mirroring other great blogs.

that's just me.

this month, me and a certain special someone celebrate- HIS BIRTHDAY! LML and I have been celebrating his birthday together for as far back as I can remember. He is extremely laid back (like me!), not a partyer, and wants to do what he wants to do...like me! lol

Hopefully, this year we'll have thawed out a little by the time his big day rolls around. We already celebrated my wonderful Puppy's birthday on the 29th! He's 6! And a sleepy 6 year old at that, he's been sleeping all day without not even a glance at his chicken.

My day has consisted of dancing, writing, and organizing what's left of my paperwork compilation. My January List (you can click the label on the sidebar) is all done, though i will be transferring the 'because of weather' incomplete items here...so here's my February list!


  • finish writing two of my novels
  • finish illustrations for my second children's book
  • stay in touch
  • spread joy
  • say i love you more
  • 20 minute activity three times a week
  • wash windows
  • wash walls
  • clean  grout
  • scour pots and pans
  • polish wood
  • research my spring activities
  • donate, donate
  • cook/bake new things (this is where 'the kind diet' resolution comes in)
  • begin making appointments for activities in springtime (march and on)
i feel as if everything is do-able. except maybe the first item- which i have begun working on today.

i'm very excited!!

if you have any ideas/ questions or anything you'd like to share- don't be shy! i love hearing from you all <3

love me,
the globetrotting gamine with the sleepy assistant

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  1. Hi GG,

    This sounds like a good list. I'm still trying to find the motivation to finish my book proposal. I'm much better at achieving my littler goals than the bigger ones. Gotta work on that. Hope you power through your list.



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