so happy

hi and happy sunday, bloggie friends :)

as i write this to you all, i am winding down with some blackberries and a cup of chamomile saffron tea going over the events of the weekend. spending some time with my friends was the downtime i needed to feel refreshed. i am truly blessed to have such happy, amazing (and busy!) people in my life.

we talked about life, love, doggies and food. our new travel destinations and ideas, plans and whatever has been going on while we've been snowed in! i love them so, so much.

this week, i am hoping to get out there and get some things done that i've said i was going to do on my blog and post about them...which brings me to my february list (do you believe that it's the 6th already? Geez)

Let's look at my progress, which is not as great as i think it should be...


finish writing two of my novels
i am not going to lie and say that i have done much in this department. i was feeling totally unmotivated this week to even try to write down a word, fearing that i would ruin the harmony of my books' ideas. but i got amazing ideas this weekend!

finish illustrations for my second children's book
this item i have been working on diligently, with some advice from my good friends who are much more advanced than i am in the illustrating/drawing/painting realm.

stay in touch
love, love, love my friends. and i am apologizing to them in advance (i'm sorry!) for sending you out old cards, letters, and holiday greetings from yester-year. lol

spread joy
i am definitely going to try to spread some more joy. hopefully we don't get hit with more snow and ice to have that happen.

 say i love you more
this is the goal i've kept up best. i kind of think that i'm driving poor LML crazy...

20 minute activity three times a week
yep. activity is all that's been going on while i've been tucked away in this house- there is ALWAYS something that pops up that i need to do.

wash windows
not yet.

wash walls
not yet.

clean grout
not yet, but i am prepared.

scour pots and pans-
i shined one up real nice, and will post the pictures tomorrow!

polish wood
not yet

research my spring activities
i have SO started this item!

donate, donate
i am setting up donations and  ideas for sites i would like to volunteer at. i am uber-excited about this.

cook/bake new things (this is where 'the kind diet' resolution comes in)
on the menu tomorrow is my next try for lentil soup via the kind diet. i really love this book and can't wait to delve into it a little more.

begin making appointments for activities in springtime (march and on)

 feb. 14th begins my first appointment on the list. i am so excited.

i am just so happy today!

lots of love and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

(i am not watching the superbowl, but i AM squirming while my LML watches Taboo. Eeps.)

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