why, hello monday

i thought i was going to be sneaky this morning and sleep in past 6:30 am.

i didn't.

instead i got up, paid some bills, started the laundry and ran various errands and chores until i settled down to scrapbooking...which i am pretty sure i was supposed to have completed with my january list. due to the snow, a lot of the time we couldn't get to buy our organization supplies (like the photo albums that i needed).

when i picked up a photo album this weekend...

isn't it pretty?

i had to delve into my photo storage box...

(which, as you can see, was packed to the brim)

and enter 200 photos into the album. after all photos were entered into that album,
this is what my photo box looked like:

SO much more to put in albums AND i received another
bunch of prints i got for free in the mail.


i'm thinking another 2-3 more photo albums would do the job.
what do you think?

pup thinks that my time would be better spent making him more chicken.
he eats like a hound dog lately! nutty.

i am off to complete some more errands and chores before LML comes home.
he apparently is feeling the urge to cook dinner,
which is a welcome treat for me since i am feeling the urge to clean and organize.

stay tuned for my scrapbook post
and thank you for reading my blog :)

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