happy heart day

happy valentine's day- a day that gives an excuse to tell someone you love them and have chocolate can't be all bad, i figure. not that this is the only day you should be doing just that :)

after some tea, and watching my favorite cooking channel TV show on demand of Extra Virgin, i am still kind of icked out. i have to get a blood test today (i figured what better day than today to humor myself) and i'm squeamish. of course, i would be. egads.

i had a wonderful and extremely busy week last week that will take me two weeks to blog about :)

how was your week? did you do anything out of the ordinary, travel somewhere new, or take a culinary adventure?

looking back at all the photos i snapped last week, i have so much to share with you!!


that was this morning, before i got my bloodwork done.

after my complete checkup, the doctor felt around my neck (i had an upper respiratory infection last month and it's still lingering with a side of ear infection...) and there is a bumpy ?node (that's how he wrote it) on my left side.

ew ew ew.

so i have to go to the radialogist (sp?) next week so they can scan my neck.

ew ew ew.

it freaks me out because i don't know what it is. the doctor said that he wants to be thorough but to take the antibiotic anyway (i am) and not to panic.

ewww! i'm panicking, hello?

do we remember who i am? panic girl?

 eewww wwwwwww

so please note, if i am irate or sound weird in this next week, that's why.

drinking wine til i'm drunk while i'm on antibiotic- good idea or bad? what do you think?

love me,
eew eew
the globetrotting gamine with the swollen node.

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