oh tuesday, tuesday

oh tuesday,
today you had me thinking about all i have to do and all i want to do.
you had me tying up loose ends at the homefront, so that i can venture out to places like this:

i have so much i would like to do this year- that i'm thinking
being home accomplishing what needed to be done
and planning out my year
was not at all bad...
in fact, i've quite enjoyed myself other than being sick.

LML and I have planned out our globetrotting for the year...
i guess you'll have to stay tuned :)  ...
and yesterday, while he lovingly prepared stuffed cabage leaves
(or laxanodomades, as we Greeks like to call them)
we daydreamed and drank wine about
all the fun we are SO ready for.

we have mapped out a not-so specific plan of action-
mine is a little more specific than his.

wherever we go, he's more of a traveler than a tourist...
we almost never go the tourist route...
and i am a total tourist in the state
of new york.

my type-a (when did that happen?) personality
is telling me to be a little more like LML
but i am just so EXCITED about what this year has in store.

if this weekend was any kind of prelude to what
we're headed towards this year- bring it on, 2011!

so if you live anywhere in the tri-state area
or have visited, and would like to hear my thoughts
about somewhere you've been...
please let me know!

i'd like to keep you as entertained and happy as possible this year!

lots of love <3


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