Cuvee Bistro and Bar at the Greenporter

Dear Cuvee,

i love you and i mean it. your culinary wisdom astounded me when we visited you a week ago. i know the pictures i will post will speak more than 1000 words but i just wanted to say-
i can't believe you've been open 5+ years and we've never sauntered in. please never go away! you were one of the new places we hit up during the week and we can't wait to see you again!

hello, fried oyster goodness. i should have ordered 8 of you.

oh, calamari. you and your dipping sauce soothed my tummy and taste buds.

LML's lobster ravioli.

i have no idea what my meal was called, but freaaaaaaking awesome!!
can i have a humongo version next time?!

the lovely crabcakes that we will sample next time.

so thank you, cuvee. we will see you so soon!

and thank you, friends...for letting me snap my photos <3

have you had any nom-nom food lately? i would love to read your comments/see your pics!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. the oysters looks lovely but its quite expensive here at Malaysia, however, we still have this once a month.

  2. you had me lobster ravioli...sigh.

  3. Oh, I am such a seafood lover - this looks fantastic!!

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