the past two days, after my last post had been trying and mostly horrible (other than endless support from family and friends)...

after finding something in my neck sonogram, i was panicked that there was something horrible wrong with me...the doctors couldn't figure out what it was so i was told to schedule a cat scan.

so i cried...all morning two days ago, all night between LML and puppy squeezes and had barely slept. i was led into the catscan room, with LML waiting in the sub-waiting room early yesterday morning.

i bawled like a baby about the iv drip and what's wrong with my neck?
i bawled some more when the cat-scan doc handed me a tissue.
i got stuck with a saline iv drip and then my cat scan began.

at first, i thought i was getting ready for lift off with that whirring noise from the spinning stuff inside the donut.
hold your breath.
hold your breath.
said the cat-scan dude.

he finally said, 2 more minutes...
and at that exact moment, i felt my whole body burn up
and then i thought i peed myself-
a side effect that cat scan dude did NOT tell me about.

then he told me he forgot to tell me an absolutely normal, as i was checking my pants.
LML took me shopping and for lunch.
shopped some more, came home...took a shower while he smoked a cigar in the backyard...

right when i step out of the shower, phone call from the doctor.
i have nothing bad!
i did a dance with puppy...
jumped on LML when he walked through the door...

and i still haven't slept, possibly from joy.

so i wanted to thank everyone, for calling and listening,
and your thoughtful e-mails...
i know i would have made it through anything
because you guys have my back :)

love me,
the globetrotting [sleepy] gamine

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