freaking out

i am freaking out and i absolutely cannot calm down. i apologize for my spelling and grammar in advance because i am not even thinking straight.

those things that have been swollen in my neck since last month is are still there. yesterday was my appointment for a neck sonogram and chest x-ray. today i called the doctor for the results of the tests...

chest x-ray clear
though there are funny looking lymph nodes on the left AND right side of my neck.

i am going to be sick.

i have a catscan scheduled for tomorrow. i don't appreciate things not being the way they should be in my body. i sleep more than a normal person, take my vitamins, eat nutritiously with maybe a fattening thing once or twice a month like a cupcake and i am usually under 130 pounds...
though i'm sure after today i will not be under 130 pounds anymore.

anyone out there to calm me down?!

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  1. I'm here sweetie! Let me know how it goes. OK?


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