you don't live here

LML and I were complaining last night.
Why couldn't we fall asleep?
we tried and tried...we must have dozed off around 11 and 11:30, respectively.

woof. grr. mmm woof.

Alright boy, that's enough.


[a big bang, tree, boulder, brick or all hit my bedroom window.]

"Oops, Sorry!"


Out goes LML with his fleece.
He gains about 6 inches in heights. Makes him about 7 ft. tall.

a little shrimp headed dork is standing on our doorstep.
drunk? probably.
high? yep.

Dork:" i'm waiting for stephanie"
LML: "oh yeah? which floor?"
Dork now Ass: "um, second."
LML: "alright, let's go"
Dork now Ass: "won't we wake everyone up?"

Oops- DID I MENTION IT WAS 1:15 at this point?!

One. Fifteen.

 Eventually we find out that he was jerking us around for a place to sleep- oh yeah.

and no one in the entire house knew him!

so he leaves.
2:15 we've fallen asleep.
2:30 there's a knock on the window!!!!!!

can you let me in?
LML: NO! I'm sleeping- go HOME! HOME!

He leaves.
Of course, he still wants to sleep over.
Now, we're up watching Who's The Boss and I Love Lucy- maybe not in that order but who knows?

4 am!
4!! We hear a creak at the door.
He was sleeping on our porch!

Cursing, yelling, screaming commences.
Asswipe leaves.

I didn't know until this morning that he hit up my neighbors house looking for a Manuel!!!
This lady and her family have been in that house for close to 100 years. No Manuel. Ever.
Though he did want to go inside and use her phone.

I'm dreading going to sleep tonight :/

Anything like this ever happen to you?!

love me,
the sleep deprived
globetrotting gamine


  1. WOW! Seriously!! Nothing like that has ever happened to me!! That is the worst, lol!!! Hope he doesn't come back.. ever!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Blog It Forward Tuesday! I am following your blog and liking your facebook page too =)

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. I am here from the pay it Forward Blog hop! Going to follow you on twitter and FB!


  3. We didn't have that happen, but we had this happen:
    We have 3 little guys so we have our gate to our backyard attached to our alarm system, so if they are playing in our very secure yard in the summer, and decide to leave I could hear them in case I walk away from the window, or have to go inside for a second or whatever. Well, our neighbour (on the opposite side of our gate), use to have wild parties and every time she did someone would go into our gate, and set off our alarm in the middle of the night! So the one time i got out there and I am very pregnant in my jammies, and this dude is peeing on my house!!! So I yell at him that my alarm went of and the police are going to shop up soon.

    So a few minutes later we are in bed mad about this and someone else opens my damn gate! So I go over there bang on the door and when they answer it the dude who had peed on my house was standing in the house....leaning on the wall that is their powder room!!!!! GRRRR!!

    I am hopping by from the blog it forward blog hop! I was a gfc follower, so I am now a fb fan too :)

  4. New follower from blog it forward.
    Sweet T Makes Three
    I stumbled ya!


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