it figures :)

amazing, how things can go so well and then someone tries to bring me down.
get over it!

i am ~:)
monday and today have been exceptionally busy for me.
i am kicking ass getting things done- and have discovered there is still not enough time for everything.

for you- i have been photo-cataloguing what's been going on in the day-to-day life of me, though i have realized that i don't blog a lot about myself or things going on in my life.

the less than mundane things i mean (which i don't find mundane)...the reason for this is wandering minds want to know. these are the wandering minds i'd rather have NOT know- but what is one to do?

ah, ding ding! move on.

so here's my deal-
january is going to be interesting because i have a goal.
it's a big one. are you ready?

my goal this month is to finish ALL projects!

the list goes as follows:
  1. edit and complete all stories and novels
  2. illustrate children's stories (for my nephew)
  3. clean out the house of negative stuff
  4. clean it out of un-necessary clutter
  5. take all loose photos and put them in album
  6. complete all scrapbooks, unfinished or untouched
  7. print out what needs to get printed out on this computer
  8. delete un-needed files from computer
  9. upload all photos into usb disc AND photo programs
  10. select photos to be printed
  11. get them printed (and repeat above)
  12. finish reading all books left before i buy or pick up a new one
  13. call church to pick up clothes for donation
  14. go through and complete everything on my to-do list, which has come down considerably in the last two days. I am VERY excited about this.
  15. send out those packages!
  16. make those appointments (snow keeps stopping me from doing this)
  17. start book club
  18. organize all files/bills
  19. make a list of places from here to long island i'd like to see
  20. make my new years resolutions
is that enough? i can do that in a little over 2 weeks...right?
of course i can...
so follow along and let's see how this first month of my new year goes!
i hope you'll be with me every step of the way :)
in the meantime- do you have a similar month-to do list? i'd love to hear it!

much much love,
the globetrotting gamine

edited to add:
21. add all articles to blog i thought were interesting (and hopefully you will, too)
22. add to blog list of items i wanted to blog about

i'll go again before i start making even less sense...


  1. I've got a similar list going. The higher-ups at work must have figured out I had time to breathe last week and yesterday and today were insane. There's roughly a 1/2 inch of ice on my car and my car door's frozen shut. Barring some miracle by tomorrow morning, I'll be working from home. :)

    Fyi, Kohl's had picture albums Buy 1 Get 1. I have organizing pictures(or at least getting them into albums) on my list as well. Hopefully I can cross that off by Friday. Good luck with your list.

  2. I have list to keep track of list..lol...I am wanting to start the process of writing a children's picture book, but don't have a clue how to start...I have the character and all but everything else not sure...do you have any advice? I am your newest follower.




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