enhance your life- speed it up!

yesterday, i listed to you all the things I need to get done by feb. 1. this is no easy feat and there will be an influx of information geting posted here. that being said- happy wednesday and here we go!

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism:
  • Drink water when you're thirsty. there, that was easy.
  • try lifting weight for an hour a day, or as much as you can. raises your metabolic weight about 12% and people can do this easily when shoveling snow outside, like i just did :)
  • watch a funny show. two and a half men, anyone?
  • sip green tea before meals! it has plant compounds that boost your levels of norepinephrine which is a neurotransmitter that revs your fat burn. (so i should have drank it BEFORE i shoveled)
  • add protein to every meal. this can be difficult if you're trying to go vegan/vegetarian like i am...HA! i lied...Vegetable sources of protein are as follows: beans, nuts, and whole grains and they also have fiber!
and don't forget sleeping: it melts fat!

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